Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dead Body Found in the Wheel Well of an Airplane in Nigeria

Just recently a Nigerian airline spokesman said that a dead boy was found inside the wheel well of an aircraft that originated in South Africa. Right now it is believed that the man was a stowaway that tried to find a free ride and didn’t make it.

Arik Air spokesman, Banji Ola, said that workers found the body on Monday after the Airbus A300 returned from Johannesburg. Ola went on to described the incident as a security breach. He also went on to say that he had no other information on the case as of Tuesday.

Reports also show that a Nigerian federal aviation spokesman declined to immediately comment on the case. Normally, when cases are still open, federal workers will not comment on them. For those that do not know, Arik Air is considered Nigeria’s top commercial airline.

Back in August, the United States Federal Aviation Administration granted Nigeria its top air safety rating. That allows Nigerian airlines to fly directly to the United States. However, airport security remains a concern in Africa’s most populous nation.

This is not and will not be the last time that someone has tried to get a free ride on an airline. People hide in the wheel wells all the time because there is enough space in there for someone to hide. However, what people seem to forget is that this area of the plane is not pressurized. Not only that, but this area of the plane is not heated. Even if its summer, when a plane is that high, it is freezing cold. Very few people could survive riding in this area of a plane for an extend period of time.

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