Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life here in Israel is harsher than Sudan - Refugee

Amos fled from Sudan four years ago, taking with him his wife and two children. In the four years they have spent in Israel since then, his wife has given birth to another child.
But on Tuesday, Amos's wife and children boarded a flight to Sudan, seeking a better fate. With them were another 46 boys and girls, whose return to Sudan is steeped in fear due to the language they now speak – Hebrew.

Amos remains in the country to continue a daily battle with the state, fueled only by his minimum-wage job and desire to see his family home safe.

"I know this can be dangerous to my wife and children, but I prefer my kids to be in their own country and not starve to death or be thrown out on the street in Israel. They agreed with me and realized there is a chance they can make it in Sudan," Amos told Ynet in a special interview after the deportation flight left, effectively breaking up a number of families.

 Amos said he had exhausted all other options before putting his family on the plane – he had looked for more work and been active in the community, but to no avail.  

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