Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thames torso investigators (UK) to visit Nigeria

Thames torso investigators are planning to visit Nigeria after Officers investigating the case of a boy’s torso found floating in the River.

The headless and limbless body of the five or six-year-old child, was found near Tower Bridge in September 2001. The boy was named Adam by officers.

Tests revealed he was poisoned 48 hours before his death and was paralysed but conscious when he was killed.

A woman was arrested in connection with Adam’s death in July 2002, but she was deported to Nigeria months later.

Forensic tests, involving samples taken from the bones, linked the boy to West Africa and subsequently to Nigeria.

Officers believe Adam’s death was a ritualistic killing and he had been poisoned with an extract from the carabar bean.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that the investigation team has been preparing to visit Lagos, Nigeria, in connection with the Adam inquiry. They will be travelling in the near future.”

Investigators also met with the former South African President Nelson Mandela over the case.

He subsequently made a public appeal for information about the boy in April 2002.

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