Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nigerian election postponed to Monday

INEC Latest News - Nigeria's electoral commission (INEC) chairman says the oil-rich country's National Assembly election has been postponed until Monday 4th April 2011 over polling problems.

Attahiru Jega made the announcement Saturday as the nation should have been voting. But in many areas, ballot papers and results sheets never made it to polling places.

Several states stopped their polls because of such problems, leading to a breakout of violence in one city.

Jega says: "It is an emergency."

Saturday's election was scheduled to decide who should occupy seats in the country's National Assembly, positions worth more than $1 million in salaries and perks. It also was the true test for Nigeria's electoral commission to prove it could overcome the nation's history of flawed polls

Also, our source in Enugu State said "an INEC official lost his life in an auto crash as they were in a haste to get to Abraka (Delta State) to meet up with an election that was doomed not to take place"

One thing is sure in all these, Nigeria is striving hard to conduct the most successful and peaceful polls in the history of the country after independence as INEC also has a list hotlines for complaints.

Meanwhile, The Governor of Lagos State Babatunde Raji Fashola of the Action Congress of Nigeria party says "This is uncalled for... I wont give into the elections being postponed till Monday as students will be having their exams"

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