Friday, April 1, 2011

Opposition parties accuse each other of rigging plans

Rigging plans revealed - The ACN (Action Congress of Nigeria) and the PDP (People's Democratic Party)  in Ekiti State accused each other of planning to rig Saturday's election. The state Chairman of ACN, Jide Awe, alleged that the thugs were being trained at Omuo, Aramoko, Emure and Oye Ekiti in Ekiti East, Ekiti West, Emure and Oye Local Government areas of the state.

Mr Awe urged security agencies to treat those towns as flash points where the PDP is allegedly planning to unleash terror on the electorate.

In a separate press conference at the PDP secretariat in the town, the state chairman of PDP, Bola Olu-Ojo, alleged that about five truck load of thugs were smuggled into the Government House on Wednesday. He also called on security agencies to dislodge them in the overall interest of the state.

The State Police Command said it has deployed 7,500 men to partner with the men of the State Security Service (SSS) and National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to maintain law and order during the elections.

The Command said it also intercepted a vehicle conveying arms into the state at an undisclosed location.

Mr Olu-Ojo further alleged that vehicles with the insignia of the state government have been moving round the state in the last few days.

Planning mischief

The PDP Chairman alleged that the leaders of the ruling party have made vests bearing PDP and have sown fake police uniforms. He said the vests are meant to implicate PDP members as the people responsible for possible disruption of electoral process during elections.

He also accused the ACN of being behind several recent killing of opposition candidates in the state.

"We are calling on the Inspector General Of police to bring the perpetrators of these wanton killings to book," he said. "We have alerted our members not to go out on the days of elections with their membership cards, or any vest with the inscriptions of the PDP. So, whoever that is arrested on the days of elections and is in possession of our membership card is on his own." The PDP leader, however, threw his weight behind the federal government's position on deployment of soldiers during elections, saying such move would curtail the activities of election riggers.

Soldiers are however advised to be deployed to the border towns of each state to prevent internal and external aggressions.

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