Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saidu Kumo wants special voting day for journalists

Former National Secretary of ANPP, Saidu Kumo appealed on Tuesday that a special concession be granted to practicing journalists to enable them exercise their franchise.

Addressing newsmen in Gombe, Mr Kumo suggested that INEC should set aside a special time for journalists to cast their votes because of "the nature of their job" Mr Kumo said: "The nature of your job is such that you are always far away from your polling unit, carrying out a national assignment on election days.?

There is the need for INEC to make a special arrangement that will enable you cast your votes on election days. Such arrangement can be in the form of giving you a special tag that will mandate voting officials to attend to you fast at polling units so that you can leave and go ahead with your duties."

Mr Kumo, who is also the ANPP governorship candidate in Gombe, said that another alternative was to set aside a special time or day for journalists to cast their votes and thereafter, concentrate on their vital duties of covering elections.

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