Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bishop David Oyedepo in support of 5-year Tenure for political appointees

Bishop David Oyedepo of The Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel International has come out openly to express his support
for 5-Years Single Term For Nigeria’s Political Appointees.

According to him, this move will curb wastes and increas efficiency. Dr Oyedepo made the comment at a news conference to commemorate activities marking the sixth convocation of his ministry’s University, Covenant University.

Below are the key point from Bishop Oyedepo’s News conference:

Today, according to a reliable source, democracy in Nigeria is said to be the most expensive globally, and I believe one-term tenure will help address the enormity of waste involved.  For instance, in the current dispensation as elected Presidents or Governors spend the first one year trying to study what is on ground and that is if there are no tribunal cases where he may have to defend his election in which case the time spent in studying the terrain may be longer.

“In the best scenario, he spends the second year working while he engages the third and fourth year in driving his re-election ambition.  This politician has spent in reality one year working while the other three years are spent on electioneering.  This is absurd and runs counter to the expectation of the electorate. We believe a one-term will be most relevant in our own context.”

Dr David Oyedep also called for caution in the introduction of Islamic banking practices in Nigeria, saying there is credit issues in the society and a non-interest bank may not survive in this type environment.

“My caution is that there is a sharp religious divide in the country already.  Anything that will further cause disunity is not ethical or patriotic to promote such.  Already, we have problems with credit issues, how a non-interest banking system will survive in this country is yet to be seen. But I am not an expert; let the experts decide how it will work.  We need to be cautious.  I think if the opinion poll says they don’t want it, the leaders should listen to them.”
He said.

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