Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tour across Africa - Benin

In this Edition of our TOUR across Africa, we will be taking you to the land of Benin. We hope you enjoy the TOUR. Keep up the Pace as we take you to Benin

Basic facts about Benin

The Capital of Benin is Porto-Novo

With French as the official Language.
Other Langusges include Fon and Yoruba.

Ethnic Groups in Binin can be classified under the following:
Fon 39.2%, Adjara 15.2%, Yoruba 12.3%, Bariba 9.2%, Fulani 7%, Somba 6.1%, Yoa-Lokpa 4%, other 7%

Main Religion includes: Indigenous beliefs 50%, Christian 30% and Muslim 20%

Geography of Benin: Mostly flat plains except for the Atacora Mountains along the northwest border.

Tropical climate: humid in South and Semiarid in North. It has a 121km coastline along the Atlantic and several tributaries of the River Niger.

Bordering Countries includes: Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Togo

Natural resources: Benin can boost of Forestry, fishing, gold, coal and crude petroleum

Agriculture products includes: Cotton, Corn, Cassava (tapioca), Yams, Beans, Palm oil, Peanuts, Dry Beans, Pineapple and livestock

With a total population of about: 8.2 million and a growth rate of approximately 2.9%,
Life expectancy is roughly: 54.3 years

About 79%, (urban area) and 60%) (rural area) have access to clean water
Access to electricity: (urban 50%, rural 6%)
Literacy rate: (men, 48%), (women 23%)

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