Sunday, July 17, 2011

Iyana Ipaja Canal of Death.

Isa Ashim, a blind old man had to wait for about two hours before he could get someone willing to help him across the frail bridge overlaying Aboru canal, at Sunshine area, Iyana Ipaja;
in which more than ten corpses were retrieved after last Sunday's downpour.

Overnight, the canal became dubbed ‘the canal of death' and pupils and women now have to form a long queue every morning to use the bridge. They could no longer wade across the canal since last week's rain which rendered many homeless and threw others into mourning of their loved ones.

Many families lost properties and loved ones to the downpour in Lagos State and more than ten corpses were retrieved at different intersections along the Aboru canal, which spans from Iyana-Ipaja all the way into Ogun State.

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