Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We will go to war rather than give up on Islamic Banking- Sharia Council

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, SCSN, has threatened that Nigerian Muslims were prepared to go to war rather than give up
the quest for Islamic banking.
This is even as it  warned Christian clerics in the country to drop their opposition to the idea, saying that Muslims in the country would defend the implementation of the Islamic banking system in the country with the last drop of their blood.

The group’s position was made known in Kaduna yesterday, through its President, Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmad, who read the communiqué issued at the end of its meeting held at Arewa House, Kaduna.
He further argued that since interest-free banking was practised in Britain and other Christian dominated countries successfully, Nigerian Muslims would resist any attempt by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to frustrate the implementation of the Islamic banking system in the country.

“We are very happy that with a lot of efforts Jaiz Bank has now become a reality. The company owning Jaiz has assured us that the bank is coming in September and they have assured us that they will be starting with three branches, namely Abuja, Kaduna and Kano. And they will continue to open the branches rapidly, thereafter. We are also aware of the amount of noise and nonsense we hear from the Christian clergy, some of whom are so ignorant that they are not even worth to be called clergymen.

“They think they can blackmail the government, the Central Bank or the Muslim ummah to abandon the project. I want to assure them that nothing can stop the Jaiz Bank from coming into being because it’s being brought in according to the laws of Nigeria. There is nothing illegal about it. If they have a Christian bank that they want to establish, they have the freedom to bring it to the Central Bank and if they can prove their case, a Christian bank will be opened.

“We the Muslims of this country are fed up and tired with the stupid vituperation of the CAN. They are a bunch of idiots and they feel they can dictate to the Muslims even how we should live our lives.
“And we are warning the government not to listen to them because there is a limit to the amount of nonsense we can take. We are the majority in this country, whether the Christians like it or not. We are going to have this bank and there is nothing they can do about it. We have taken a lot of nonsense, we have come to the end and from now it’s tit for tat. There are quite a number of rascals in cassocks that have been talking recently; we’ll meet fire for fire this time. Whether it’s an archbishop or whoever he is who talks nonsense, we’ll get people to answer him in the same language. If he talks as a rascal, we’ll reply him as a rascal.
“Jaiz Bank has come to be and there is nothing they can do about it and if we have to go to war on this, we’ll go to war. Let the bloody fools wearing cassocks stop disturbing our peace. Gentlemen, being peaceful doesn’t mean we are cowards. We warn the idiots in cassocks, tell them to stop disturbing our peace, if they want us to live together in Nigeria. Everybody can go his way, we don’t have to live together. We can’t live under bloody idiots dictating to us how we live our lives even within the laws of the country.

“Whatever they call themselves, whether archbishop, priest or whatever they are, let them stop disturbing our lives. We’ve had enough; let the government warn them because these abuses are enough. If they are rascals and they don’t understand anything because they come from very poor, wretched backgrounds, we are not like that. We have been patient but there is a limit to what we can take. On this Jaiz Bank, there is no going back. Everything has been done according to the law and if the Christians think this country belongs to them, they are a bunch of idiots. We’ll meet fire with fire; let them leave us alone. If they want us to live in Nigeria peacefully as we want to do, then let them respect our rights as we concede to them their own rights,” SCSN boss added.
On the post-presidential election crisis that occurred in Kaduna and other parts of the North, the group again said the attacks were premeditated, adding that “this reality is supported by the fact that Southern Kaduna Muslims were massacred on Sunday even before the election results were announced. Whatever happened was a reaction thereto. The refugees were left to cater for themselves. In fact, most of them were compelled to leave the camp. The government must restore people’s freedom, compensate them fully and return to their homes.
“The activities of the Joint Task Force in Maiduguri are most unfortunate. The JTF is using an unbalanced force in its attempt to restore peace and order to Borno state. Innocent lives were killed, women are being raped and people’s property being plundered.

“The SCSN is watching carefully, plans by some politicians to bring back the issue of extended tenure of the present regime. This is very much similar to the thrown out third term bid of the former President Obasanjo. We call on all Nigerians to condemn and resist this attempt resolutely.
“As we are approaching the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are enjoined to participate in the moon sighting exercise, listen and obey announcements. Muslim businessmen and women are requested to be compassionate to their brothers and sister in the sales of commodities,” the SCSN said

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