Friday, July 3, 2009

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Comments on Pride to be an African (The Afrikan Heritage Group on Facebook)

Egberipou Tari (Nigeria) wrote at 8:24pm on May 6th, 2009
Africa is indeed blessed with lots of minerals and good people to keep it going. we are the pilot of this nation

Mayowa Ipinyomi wrote at 7:22pm on May 8th, 2009
Africa will remain to be strong, and strong and strong till we conquer and subdue

Abimbola Ogunjinmi wrote at 1:42pm on May 9th, 2009
Africa is rich in numerous resources

Ebrima Bittaye (Dallas / Fort Worth, TX) wrote at 11:11pm on May 9th, 2009
I am not only proud to be African but a puritanical Pan Africanist . Africa is the cradle of civilization and the
face of mankind . I believed that with hard work , leadership commitment to democratic principles , justice
and the rule of law ; a dedication to our culture and history , economic policies that apply to African issues  and society , Africa will not only rise and prosper , but take its righful place in global affairs . The key question is are Africans ready for the task of nation building ? For me , am more than ready and hope that
you are too .

Olaide Ayoola wrote at 2:58am on May 13th, 2009
African d golden heritage.

Amie Darboe wrote at 9:30am on May 19th, 2009
Am really proud to be an African and a Pan Africianist

Mayowa Ipinyomi wrote at 12:03pm on May 23rd, 2009
I LOve This Nation of Africa. & i Love this group too. reminds me of my Mothers land no matter how far i go.

Oluwasegun Abraham wrote at 1:48pm on May 23rd, 2009
Happy liberation day ya'll. My 1st contribution to Africa is broadcasting to the entire world that "I'm proud to be an African"

Abdirhman Cumar (Hersleb Skole) wrote at 6:25pm on May 26th, 2009
Africa for 4 life,i m proud to be an african

Sanka Tulasie wrote at 2:00am on May 31st, 2009
Proud to be an African. Africa for life? Africa for EVER, I say.

Linda Kamara (Indianapolis, IN) wrote at 5:36pm on June 1st, 2009
Iam proud to be an African Queen.

Sonubi Tobi Olatunde wrote at 9:44am on June 2nd, 2009
I am proud to be an african and prouder to be a nigerian

Aminata Nyandou wrote at 7:51pm on June 5th, 2009
Am proud to be an African and i thank for being an African... TRULY Daughter and Royal Blood OF MAMA AFRICA

Obasesam Itam wrote at 6:24pm on June 8th, 2009
Mother Africa!!!! Am proud to an African.

Faniran Temitayo Victor wrote at 8:46am on June 19th, 2009
I am proud to be an African, prouder to be a Nigerian and d proudest to be a Yoruba nigga, 'sup

Mayowa Ipinyomi wrote at 11:02am on June 29th, 2009
Micheal Jackson was better off with the Black Skin ya'll. If Only he did maintain that Dignity!!! (HIS BLACK SKIN) RIP MJ

Isaac Success Olaoye wrote at 1:49pm on July 1st, 2009
The molding of Africa is our sole responsibility this second half of the year as Africans.
African leaders have been told by former UN boss Kofi Annan to shape up to their responsibilities in the face of the global recession. Like wise individuals also.
A wise builder is aware of his environment, land and the materials needed to make both ends meet.
The ability to discover the level we are is a vital step in molding a good future for Africa.
Lets get out of self deception and become frank with ourselves; knowing were we are now and where we ought to be in years to come.
This is exactly what it means to be realistic: becoming conscious of a need that should be met in this continent of Africa.
There are enough materials around us to mould a great future for mother Africa.
It is time to stand on our feet as Africans and say YES WE CAN!!!

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