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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Natural Wonders of Africa

The beauty in almost every country in Africa is legendary but some sights truly stand out and are worth a trip in themselves.
These include:

    * The stunning Victoria Falls along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The spray is so impressive from the look-out points, it feels like you are in the middle of a torrential rainstorm. The Victoria Falls are one of the Natural Wonders of the world and something you just have to experience.

    * Namibia's Fish River Canyon is not as well known internationally but is second only to the Grand Canyon in the US. You can take a five-day hike in season that will leave you tired but elated. Luckily a spa greets you at the end of the walk.

    * There are many spectacular mountain ranges but the most famous mountain in Africa is its tallest, Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). Rising 19,336 feet out of the savannah with a permanent snow-capped peak, it's worth a trip even if you don't plan to climb it.

    * For greenery you shouldn't miss the rainforests in the Virunga Mountains (Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC) which are home to the last remaining Mountain gorillas.

Personally I love the desert and there are some particularly spectacular dunes in Sossusvlei, Namibia.

Africa is a continent that’s blessed on every side with a vast culture

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