Wednesday, July 28, 2010

African Politicians Are Under-educated

A former presidential aspirant and the Director of Pan African University, Ajah, Lagos, Prof. Pat Utomi has said Nigeria would not achieve any progress, but will continue to witness the present anomaly if its crop of politicians are not properly educated. Utomi, who made this remark, at the 12th Valedictory Service/Prize Giving Day of Good Shephard Schools, Meiran, Lagos, described Nigerian politicians as under-informed, selfish and obsessed with money, adding that they are more interested in the contract that will be awarded rather than focusing on what they ought to do that would benefit the populace.
"Politicians are so interested in the contract that will be awarded that they don't focus on the real person. Until this selfishness, obsession of money, this failure of our elite in the political class to disclose the mission of their generation, is corrected.  "I am afraid Nigerians and Africans are in serious trouble. I think this is why we need to educate the Nigerian politicians because they are highly undereducated and under informed as to what their missions should be, many do not realise what education is for, that is why we are not making progress."   

Utomi, who was the Special Guest at the event, noted that the present politicians have betrayed the mission of their generation, stressing the need for every generation to discover their mission, rather than betraying it. "That is the tragedy of our situation, but the people who are committed can make a difference", the Director said The Presidential Aspirant who also spoke on the spate of kidnapping in the country noted that the misdemeanour was as a result of a collapse of values in Nigeria and that frustrated group of young people want to use it as a social vendetta to gain the attention of the political class. "It is a function of many factors, there are no jobs being created in this economy and a collapse of values in the country generally and there is that is really the heart of the problem," Utomi noted

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