Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hottest Ghanaian rap crew in town

The musical group known as the R2Bees and the upcoming rapper, Bebe Sumtin, could be best described as the hottest items on the Ghanaian music scene at present. Reliable sources said that no promoter of show business worth his salt in that country would dare dream of hosting an event without considering hiring the services of these young men.
Life and Beat met these sensational artistes, whose live performances have been the talk of the town in Accra, on Tuesday in Lagos and immediately gathered from Pay Day, the fiery rapper and spokesman of the group, that they were in Nigeria on a crucial mission.

Pay Day actually sounded as if he meant to say that the R2Bees were on a mission to explore the music scene in Nigeria. Well, the truth is that the group have recorded and released a new CD titled ‘Da Revolution‘. A glance at their recent music video shows just how serious they are about installing themselves firmly on the scene.

R2Bees are no strangers to collabos with their contemporaries in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, ‘Da Revolution‘ features such stints with Wande Coal and J.Martins. ”We worked with Wande Coal on the song, ‘Kiss Ur Hand‘ and recorded ‘Someone like you‘ with J.Martins,” Pay Day said and added that they enjoyed working with both Nigerian music artistes.

Actually, Bebe Sumtin, the only Nigerian in the crew introduced by the boss of Bling Records, King Bling, dreams of emerging the best rapper in Yoruba language someday and his new CD says a lot about how much effort he has put into realizing such a dream.

A twin album launch by this crew that shares a lot in common with the Mo‘Hits gang is coming up soon in Lagos.

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