Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pastor Albert Odulele Scandal, Court Case

Pastor Albert Odulele, a 47 year old pastor based in the U.k (United Kingdom) has openly confessed to sexual crimes scandal.

The shocking confession happened at the Bexley Magistrates Court in Bexleyheath, where Pastor Albert Odulele is still standing trial.

Pastor Albert Odulele, who is revered for his eloquence and carriage, confessed that he indecently assaulted a boy under 16 year old. He also did the same with another male who is slightly above 16. No one could say if  Dr  Odulele had been doing it for a long time, but mothers within and outside the UK think it is a condemnable act for a man who is supposed to be a counselor and father to be doing such a thing.

The Albert Odulele, who is also the leader of Glory House Church in east London would be sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court at a later date, said Metropolitan Police.

See full details here Pastor Albert Odulele Sentence

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