Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pastor Albert Odulele sentenced to 14 Months in prison

Pastor Albert Odulele, who pleaded guilty to sexual molestation of young boys, has been sentenced to eight months imprisonment. According to the case progression personnel at Woolwich Crown Court, he bagged eight months on the first count, and six months on the second count.

The disgraced pastor will serve both sentences simultaneously, and will therefore spend a maximum of eight months in prison. Beside the jail term, Dr. Albert Odulele will appear in the sex offenders register for five years. Delivering his ruling, the presiding Judge Charles Byers who labelled the pastor as an “opportunistic” and “intelligent man” who would have known his behavior “was wrong”, remarked: “You were a man in a position of trust and who was well respected. People turned to you for advice and no doubt for comfort.”

However, in a pre-sentencing report Albert Odulele affirmed: “I am ashamed of my behaviour as homosexuality is at odds with my religious beliefs. I am extremely distraught and upset at the hurt and distress I have caused the victims.” Pastor Odulele admitted the assault of a 14 year-old boy, and a 21 year-old man at the Bexley Magistrates Court.

Huhuonline.com reported previously, in 2003, that Albert Odulele was watching television with a young boy, whom he had “assumed paternal influence”.

Once the boy fell asleep the shameless and hypocritical Oduelele put his hand in his underpants and fondled him. In the word of the boy, “I did not know what to do and was too scared to move”. Subsequently, the boy was left traumatised” and lost interest in academic work, before telling his mother about the abuse. When confronted by the boy’s mother in spring last year, Odulele fell to his knees, crying and asking for forgiveness.

In 2004, he touched the inner thigh of a pastor while sharing a bed with him and another man at the Dartford Bridge Hilton. The man brushed off the advances of Odulele, the “guiding light and father figure” of the church, before being touched again, the court heard. However, his twin brother Ola-Vincent Odulele, (formerly Pastor Taiwo Odulele) has taken over the affairs of Glory House International.

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