Monday, April 18, 2011

Kizza Besigye of Uganda arrested during protests

Kizza Besigye Ugandan opposition leader was arrested on Monday during a protest against high food and fuel prices in the capital Kampala, police said.

"Besigye has been arrested on the road as he walked with other people toward town. He is being held at Kasangati police station," police spokeswoman Judith Nabakoba told Reuters.

A resident, Richard Kavuma, said Besigye was arrested just outside his home. The police forcibly loaded him on to a pick-up truck and drove him to the police station.

The protests began last week after prices rose because of a drop in food production caused by drought in the east African country and an increase in transport costs as a result of higher global oil prices.

The consumer price index jumped 4.1 percent in March from February, pushing the year-on-year inflation rate to 11.1 percent, the fifth rise in succession.

President Yoweri Museveni, who defeated Besigye in the presidential election in February, vowed to quash the protests on Saturday.

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