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Latest Nigerian presidential election results

Nigeria 2011 Presidential Election Results - The results so far indicate that Goodluck Ebele Johnathan of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) has defeated presidential candidates of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Nuhu Ribadu, and Ibrahim Shekarau of the All Nigeria People Party (ANPP), in all the 17 states in southern Nigeria.

Meanwhile, at least five people have been reported killed in different parts of northeast Nigeria's Bauchi state after the presidential election. A riot also broke out after a police officer in northwest Nigeria's Katsina State killed a man and wounding two others.

Xinhua's reporters across the country, Africa's most populous nation, said the Nigerian leader swept the most states in the oil-rich southern region by landslide. He also won five of the six states in the southwest zone.

The PDP, however, lost in southwest Osun State, making it the only state Jonathan lost in the southwest to the ACN candidate, Ribadu. Jonathan had won more than the constitutionally stipulated minimum 25 per cent of the votes, as he scored 188,409 votes.

Ribadu scored 299,711 votes. The CPC candidate, Buhari was not in contention for votes in this state at all, as he scored a miserable 6,997 votes.

The Nigerian leader also swept central north Kogi State by a wide margin of 399,816 votes to Buhari's 132,201 votes. He won by a landslide in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial hub with 1,281,688 votes against Ribadu's 427,203 votes and Buhari's 189,983.

The PDP candidate also trounced other candidates in Akwa Ibom State. Jonathan garnered 1,165,629 votes, Ribadu of ACN got 54,149 votes while Buhari got 5,348 votes.

In Rivers State, Jonathan also won convincingly, with 1,817,762 votes. He defeated Ribadu who won only 13,182 votes and Buhari, 16,382 votes.

The president also won more than one million votes in Abia State while CPC and ACN performed woefully. The CPC got 3,608 votes while ACN got 4,156 votes.

With results announced in more than 25 states, and collation of results in the remaining 11 states reaching an advanced stage, the Nigerian leader has won the highest number of votes and also satisfied the constitutional requirement of winning 25 per cent of the votes in two thirds of Nigeria's 36 states.

Jonathan also won the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, defeating the CPC candidate with 253,444 to Buhari's 131,576 votes.By these results, Jonathan, has overcome the constitutional hurdles to be re-elected.

Section 133 (b) of the 1999 Constitution states that "A candidate for an election to the office of President shall be deemed to have been duly elected to such office where, being the only candidates nominated for the election - he has not less than one-quarter of the votes cast at the election in each of at least two-thirds of all the state in the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja".

In Katsina, security sources told Xinhua that the killing of the man sparked protests with the smashing of windscreens and burning of tyres on a major street. A police officer had fired his rifle Sunday afternoon and killed a man and wounded two others while trying to defend himself as the victim's friends tried to free him from the police.

The wounded were a man and a woman, the source said, noting that they were receiving treatment in one of the general hospitals in the state.

The police officer was said to have gone to the Kofar Marusa Quarters on patrol and was trying to apprehend a man as a suspected drug peddler. But some of the suspect's friends tried to forcibly free him from the police and the police officer's gun went off, firing several rounds of ammunition.

The incident led to protests, as youth took to the streets, demanding that justice be done over the killing. They burnt tyres, smashed windscreens and wielded various weapons as they marched on the streets.

Some people, seizing opportunity of the protests, broke into shops and carted away valuables that are yet to be quantified in monetary terms.

The timely intervention of army and policemen kept the situation from escalating. State police commissioner Ibrahim Moh'd expressed his displeasure over the incident and summarily dismissed the corporal. He described the victim's death as unfortunate and his killing unwarranted, adding that the officer would be charged for murder.

He appealed to people of the state to remain calm and go about their normal businesses.

On his part, the police officer said he did not deliberately kill on the victim but fired out of self-defence.

SEE STATE BY STATE TABLE OF RESULT HERE AS AT 18 APRIL 2011 (Presidential Election Table Result)

2011 Presidential Election Results - Latest Election Results

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