Monday, June 6, 2011

Albert Odulele Placed on Prison Suicide Watch-List

Troubled Pastor Albert Odulele Placed on Prison Suicide Watch-List

The founder of Glory House International Church in London, Pastor Albert Odulele,who was sentenced to an 8 years Jail term for committing sexual acts with a minor is said to be showing traces of major depression.

A member of his church management team said the pastor has been having common mood swing lately: “sometimes when we check him out, he’ll be high spirited asking the church and members farewell and cast jokes with us. But on another occasion, the realistic view of his surroundings may just dawn on him and he won’t leave his cell, eat, or attend to his visitors

This concerning development has resulted in the leadership of his church seeking the intervention of other men of God inside london to carry out a special prayer session for the distressed pastor

The prison authorities also have placed him on suicide-watch list by putting a Closed-circuit television in his cell and keeping a keen watch on him.

No body knows what's in his mind but a closer eye on him will save us all of any harm he might be planning on himself

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