Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ghana Made us Proud

I watched the Match Yesterday with Keen interest after Ghana scored their 1st Goal.

This was followed by an equalizing Goal from the USA and we (Ghana) shot them with another Aspirin to cool down their nerves.

I Heard the Commentator Saying “is like Africa still have a Representative in the World Cup” – This should have been “Africa still Have a Representative in the World cup”

I've been watching the replay over and over again (...) these guys can go places. They are sooo000000OOOOOOO talented and Proud of their Heritage.

Though Bill Clinton was watching the Game Life – didn’t frightening the Black Stars from Displaying true African Heroism – BLACK POWER.

What they need now is our Support and we can bring out our vuvuzelas once again.

To the entire Ghanaian on this page and their fans and friends, I wish you a BIG CONGRATS once Again... You made us Proud.

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