Monday, July 5, 2010

Gambia: Is the President Aware of the Impact of Biscuit Throwing?

Poverty is indeed rife. This is why adults and young people alike would risk being trampled upon and get injured just to be able to catch or pick a packet of biscuit thrown at them from the passing vehicle of the President.

We would like to assure the President that well fed children and adults will never pick biscuits in the street. It is therefore the poor who are in need of the biscuits.

In order to avoid injuries and subjecting the poor to degrading circumstances it is necessary for the President to give the biscuits to schools, Mosques, Churches and other charitable organizations for distribution among the needy.

It is very clear to any observer that the children are put at risk when biscuits are thrown at them in the street. Children focus on the biscuits rather the convoy of vehicles which could hit them. They only realize the risk they are taking when they become injured.

1 Person was Killed and 2 Hospitalized.

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  1. I Love this site..... Gives me things i need to know... keep it up

  2. This goes in for all politicians. Most of their gathering always ends up in chaos and death. Let them stop throwing items to crowds from moving vehicles. Lets be organized too. This is my own opinion. I dont know about you.


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