Saturday, July 3, 2010

African Ladies Abroad

Anonymous Author (Afrikan Man)

I came across this article on a social network and i think you might also like it.


“Culture is what we create for ourselves in the sense that the little way we can perceptive within the local environment we reside, but one might think living across the local environment and see changes in that same perception we believe in, We should try as much as possible to change and adapt to the new culture.

Many African young ladies abroad always like to carry their babies on their back and even carry items on their head whenever they are working the streets of western countries, which i founds so primitive when compared to the white race.

Please have your say on the way out of this UGLY PRACTICED CULTURE we tend to bring in abroad.

a.       The Author of this Post is NOT AN AFRICAN.

b.      He has no knowledge and understanding about the Ethics of the African people and is not worth the title “African”

c.       He lacks focus in his writing. I don’t know whether he was suggesting our women to use cleaner wrapper or to stop the so called ‘ugly’ practice

d.      Many Africans are rich to hire nannies to take care of their babies but We (African) believe and upholds our Culture any day any time)

e.      I still prefer to use my Bare hands in Eating Foofoo in Public than using Fork and Spoon.

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  1. Too bad to practise that same act in abroad, We have to develop and ride off local things that holds us donw in other to forge ahead. One might did it at home not in public areas. I've seem many of those things and the way ppl reacts. The author is right whether african or not. We cannot hide under pretence and claim right. Some certain things needs to be upgraded when living the shores of Africa. My opinion though

  2. so funny
    i had my son on my back as i type
    i am totally guilty of doing it
    at HOME though
    i have never done it in public!
    I saw a woman" backing" her baby at the tube station in new york in the snow
    I felt scared for the child
    i can understand that it looks primitive maybe we should stick to "backing" our babies at home.

  3. I've read some really funny comments here. I'm proudly african and also concerned about my baby's comfort. I don't see whats primitive about backing your baby. I read an article in which a company making slings did a reseach into prams, carrycots and the likes. They found out the african way of carrying baby's on the back actually supports the baby's spine. If u are comfortable with backing your child in public, thats fine. I wonder why we always accept foreign things as always right and ours wrong. A crying baby will ALWAYS find comfort when carried on the back. I live in the UK and often carry kids on my back.


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