Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kenya: Protect Our Daughters

The Teachers Service Commission has often cautioned against sexual abuse in schools, but the vice continues unabated, raising questions about the enforcement of the rules.
The latest reports indicate that seven girls were impregnated in one school in Teso District. Subsequently, a human rights organisation, which raised the flag, has called on TSC to carry out investigations and punish the culprits.

Sexual abuse and pregnancy are among the major causes of rising dropout rates among girls. Although the policy allows girls who have given birth to return to school, most of them never do.

Few overcome the trauma and challenges of early motherhood. Those who do go back are forced to live under stigma.

Whatever the case, there are serious flaws in enforcing rules on sexual abuse in schools.

Matters are made worse by the fact that the process of punishing the culprits is long, and in situations where parents fear exposing their children, the cases are often hushed up.

The TSC must step up the fight against the vice, while parents should learn to seek justice when their daughters are abused.

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