Friday, August 6, 2010

Nigeria can export cashew nuts to Israel creating Jobs

The Nigerian Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Dada Olisa, has said that with proper processing and survey, Nigerian farmers can export cash crops such as cashew nuts, sesame and beans seeds to Israel.

Olisa, who said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Tel-Aviv, said that Israel would like to import some agricultural products from Nigeria, provided such produce met international standards.

He said, “There are lot of Israelis who will want to import some of these agricultural products from Nigeria but they must meet the international standard.

“Our agricultural products should be improved upon; more money needs to be put into agriculture and emphasis should be put on it.

“Nigeria originally is an agricultural country and we are still like that, a good number of our people are still engaged in subsistence farming, but we do not find the dividends.”

He expressed regret that the balance of trade between Nigeria and Israel was in favour of Israel.

The ambassador said, “For now they do not buy our oil and gas, they prefer to buy their oil from the Middle East. Also the level of our agriculture development is so low that there is little or nothing we are exporting to Israel.

“Yet, Israel exports technology and other skills in security to Nigeria.”

“We signed an economic agreement with Israeli government in September 2009 when the Israel Minister visited Nigeria so Nigerians have now begin to think seriously on how she can explore the tenets of the agreement on how best we can collaborate

“And in that regard, a few days ago officials of the Nigeria Exports Promotion Council were here to exploit and have discussion with the Israeli Camber of Commerce, on things we can export here.’‘

On water technology, the envoy said that Nigeria should acquire the Israeli technology to be able to solve water problem facing some parts of the country. 

Cashew job vacancy in international Countries. 

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