Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Police Officer Murdered in Maputo

A police officer from the Criminal Investigation Police (PIC) was murdered by unidentified gunmen on Friday evening in the outlying suburb of Mahotas, in the Mozambican capital Maputo.

At the time, the victim was accompanied by friends in a shebeen, located at Sebastiao Marcos Mabote Avenue, close to the bus terminal, reports the “Monday’s issue of the daily paper “Noticias”.

According to the witnesses, an identified vehicle pulled over near the spot where the deceased was chatting with friends and the occupants fired 12 shots immediately fleeing the scene of the incident.

The police officer was killed about 800 meters from home, in the same sheeben he used to while away the time with friends when off duty.

Witnesses, who refused to be named, said the way Jacinto Machaieie was murdered shows that he was the only target of the criminals, because they knew exactly where to find him.

"He was drinking here and later he went outside with some friends. Suddenly a vehicle pulled over and we heard some gunshots. We were scared, and initially we thought it was robbery, but suddenly we found that they were murderers who killed Jacinto. The shots were targeted at him, and he succumbed from the injuries sustained from the bullets, "said one of the witness.

Joaquim Machaieie, one of victim’s brothers, said that the deceased was currently attending a course at the Police Training School of Matalane in the southern province of Maputo, explaining that he could not find any answers for the murder.

He added that he expects some explanation from the Mozambican Police, which is currently investigating the case.

Jacinto Machaieie leaves a widow and four young children.

The spokesman for the Mozambican Police Arnaldo Chefo declined to comment on the incident, saying that more details would be released during a press conference.

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