Saturday, September 18, 2010

13 Sudanese mourners drown as ferry sinks

Thirteen people travelling to mourn victims of a bus crash drowned when their boat capsized in Sudan's White Nile state, a state government spokesman said on Saturday.
The boat carrying 22 people across the White Nile river "turned over and sank" on Friday, spokesman Abdelmagied Abdelhamied said, adding "13 people drowned and nine were rescued."
Abdelhamied said the passengers were family members and friends who were crossing the river in order to pay their respects to 37 people killed on Thursday when two buses collided.

The boat went down near the settlement of Alrader, some 60 kilometres (37 miles) south of the capital Khartoum, close to the site of bus crash.

Of the road accident, traffic police said one bus had tried to overtake a truck but smashed into a minibus, setting it on fire. Among those killed were four children.

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