Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amisom's Tank Deliberately Smashes Shabelle's Building in Mogadishu

A military tank belonging to the African Union troops AMISOM has deliberately rammed into the building of the Shabelle radio in the Somali capital Mogadishu destroying parts of apartment building, Shabelle journalists witnessed. 

Eyewitnesses and journalists said that the accident took place as a military convoy of the African Union troops AMISOM traveling around the centre of Shabelle Media Network in the capital adding that one of the tanks had entered inside the compound of the building by ramming sides of the residence.

 After the incident, a lot of local residents congregated around Shabelle apartment, who were astonished at the intentionally wreckage committed by AMISOM forces against Shabelle radio centre, an independent local radio station in Mogadishu.
AMISOM convoy left from the spot by not paying any apology for the infringement they inflicted to the station.
At the beginning of June, Shabelle moved from Bakaara market, the strongholds of Al-shabab and Hizbul Islam, since then, the station had been working under desperate and frightening emotion.
Al-shabab fighters had repeatedly been threatening that they would they would target suicide blasts to Shabelle's building in the capital which caused the radio administration to ask AMISOM to support barriers, but the African Union troops - AMISOM troops did not yet reply the security protection.

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