Thursday, April 21, 2011

61 Years old Kristine Casey Grandma Gives Birth To Grandchild

Kristine Casey, 61 yrs Woman, Grandma Who Gives Birth To Grand child

Kristine Casey aged 61 and mother of three daughters became a surrogate mother for her daughter and gave birth to her grandson.  Her daughter who was married had tried several different medications and methods to become pregnant but all were unsuccessful.

Suddenly, her mother had an idea for the embryo to be placed in her. Kris had gone through menopause 10 years earlier, became pregnant during her second round of in vitro fertilization. First, she underwent a few weeks of hormonal therapy to prepare her body for the pregnancy.

Chris gave birth via Cesarean section to Finnean, her first grandchild, couple months ago at Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago. Although Casey’s daughter, Sara Connell, 35, had been unable to carry her pregnancy to term, both her egg and her husband Bill’s sperm were used in the procedure, making the couple Finnean’s biological parents.

“The idea of having a family member being open to doing this for us was so extraordinary for us,” Sara Connell told reporters. In an interview, Kris who is retired says, “giving birth to her own three daughters were three of the happiest days in her life and she believed that serving as a surrogate to her daughter was a spiritual calling.” Following the birth, she experienced some kidney complications that were quickly resolved.

Apparently, the world of surrogate parenting is not as uncommon as you might think. The first case occurred in 1987 when a South African woman gave birth to her triplet grandchildren. Another case occurred in 2008, when 56-year old Jaci Dalenberg of Wooster, Ohio gave birth to triplet girls that she carried for daughter.

They are all living happier which brings the marriage back to life

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