Monday, July 18, 2011

Boko Haram set to Bomb 6 more states

The Boko Haram sect claim to have finalized plans to bomb Bauchi, Niger, Borno, Kaduna, Taraba, Plateau, Benue. Two of these states viz Niger and Borno have already experienced numerous bomb attacks in recent times, the sect’s threat represents a significant increase in the areas to come under its attack. The plan of expanding it’s area of attack was revealed on  June 17, 2011 via the groups website where it said it would attack Nassarawa, Plateau, Benue, Kaduna, and Taraba after its commandos arrived from Somalia where they trained in the acts of terrorism.

Just on Friday, soldiers in Abuja intercepted a truck carrying about 300 explosives suspected to be bombs. It is said that while the sect has ties with terrorist group Al-qaeda, the identity of the leader of the sect remains unconfirmed and the group is said to be becoming increasing sophisticated and deadly in its terrorist attacks.

A military source declared that the security chiefs considered it their topmost assignment to put an end to the sects activities before it’s members start planting bombs in the South. He said “It will be more difficult for them to penetrate the South but we can’t just assume they won’t. That was one of the reasons the Joint Task Force was set up.

“The way they are carrying on is worrisome and they have this false belief that they can’t be stopped, but we will take decisive actions against them.” To nip this in the bud, the police have sent hundreds of plain-clothes officers to the states, particularly the flashpoints, to monitor the activities of the sect.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Mr. Shola Amore, said, “We are doing everything we can about this situation but we need information. Already, our men have gone to some of these areas in plain clothes so that no one will identify them. We want to gather as much information as we can with the aid of the communities involved.

“We call on the people residing in these states to work with the police to stop the sect. Already, people in Kaduna have been helpful and that is why we have detonated many bombs. We would be grateful if other states can do the same for us.”

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