Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IGP bans the movement of explosives

National Security Adviser (NSA) Gen Andrew Azazi has waded into the crisis of confidence between the army and the police over the interception of 700 bombs in Abuja.

The move is to ensure a close knit coordination of the activities of security agencies.

The Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, who disclosed this at a press conference in Abuja also said he has banned the ‘unauthorised movement’ of explosives by construction companies.

According to him, the Federal Government cannot out-rightly ban the use of explosives because of the effect it will have on the construction firms and their employees.

Ringim said: “Under the law, the Nigeria Police Force indeed, monitors and checks the magazines of various companies that deal in these explosives and we are doing our best.

“Indeed, at the moment, the Inspector General of Police has placed an embargo on the movement of all these items without clearance from the police.”

He added: “Let  me add that we must realise that even though we have the current security challenges, it is impossible for us to say that companies that deal in these cargoes should not deal in them because if you stop activities in all the quarries in this country, you will be causing another serious problem in the labour market.

“Because when these companies do not operate, you can imagine the number of people that will be out of job. I am not saying that government is not mindful of the security challenges but we are also mindful of other problems that will be caused. The Inspector General of Police has placed a ban, currently, on the movement and activities of those magazines until they seek clearance from the Inspector General of Police.

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