Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dr Mbowe marries second wife - Where is DR tamsir Mbowe

Dozens of people last Friday afternoon converged at the home of Sheriff Malaine Hydara in Latrikunda German to witness the tying of the knot in accordance with Islamic principles between the newest couple in town in the person of Dr. Tamsir Mbowe, the director general of the Presidential Treatment Programme (PTP) who doubles as the chief medical director of the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH) and Lena Hydara.

The ceremony, presided over by erudite Islamic scholars notably among them, Imam Muntaha Faye of Banjul, was characterised by sermons on the importance of marriage as well as words of advice to the new couple, all geared towards ensuring a happy and everlasting marriage.  The bride is a "Serrif", said to be a descendant of the grand children of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and so the whole ceremony was an Islamic affair.One of Gambia's renowned griots and social commentator, Alhaji Efry Mbye was the 'chief emissary' of the bridegroom at the ceremony.  As usual he showered praises on Dr. Mbowe while at the same urging the bride to abide by the rules of marriage and perform her duties as expected.

"She (Lena Hydara-Mbowe) is the second wife of Dr. Mbowe, so she needs all it takes to show utter respect to the first wife for the smooth relationship in their marriage house," said Alhaji Efry Mbye.While the ceremony was in progress, Dr. Mbowe was busy on his phone inquiring from the guests on how far the ceremony has gone, a sign that he was eager to get the results and that he was perhaps the happiest man at that moment in The Gambia.After the ceremony, we took a stroll to the house of the bride in Kotu South. Upon arrival, we saw some women busy preparing the venue for an all-women affair.  Prominent Banjul female griots were at hand to make good use of the day. Minutes later, the bride emerged from her house with a smile on her face, a sign showing that she was very happy to have Dr. Mbowe as her husband.

"Do you know who this man is," a friend asked the bride, who replied in the negative. "Oh! He is going to show your face on the Observer newspaper!" Lena then smiled and gave her approval.When asked about his decision to marry a second wife, Dr. Mbowe was quick to defend his action, saying: "I thank Allah for making the marriage possible. I am hoping in life that I have a good wife who will take care of my family. Man proposes and God decides. In life man passes through different stages of development in his life. Life is like that and I strongly believe in polygamy, because I am a Muslim, and I strongly believe in the principles of Islam.
As a Muslim I will make sure that I satisfy both of my wives equally. I love all my wives equally. We are one family; it is the Mbowen family and I will treat all the children equally."

"Scientifically, when men are serious with their wives, it will reduce the risk of getting HIV/AIDs and other STIs, certain social behaviours, among others.Women are more than men so it is good to marry more wives in accordance with the Islamic principles." Dr Mbowe added.He advised his wives to unite and understand that he (Dr. Mbowe) loves both of them equally.  "Let them [his wives] not listen to what people are saying. People will come with different stories but they are all under me and I love them very much. I am from a polygamous family and I have good relations with all my brothers," he revealed.

"Lord Allah will not ask us to do anything that is not to our interest. As Muslims, God has given us the right to marry up to four wives in accordance with the principles of Islam," he further stated.Dr. Mbowe finally thanked all those who supported him in one way or the other, like wise those who attended the ceremony.One thing is certain, that is, Dr. Mbowe is a Muslim and can marry up to four wives in accordance with Islamic principles.We at the Daily Observer, wish our good friend (Dr Mbowe) a happy marriage.

Where is DR tamsir Mbowe? coming up soon

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