Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Search continues for boat capsize survivors

Ugandan police are continuing the search for survivors of a boat that capsized on Lake Albert, as officials say they fear at least 33 people died.

The boat capsized during a storm on Saturday night, in the second such disaster in the country in two weeks.

Officials say the vessel was licensed to carry 40 people but was estimated to be carrying between 50 and 90.

Only 17 survivors and five bodies have so far been recovered.

Boat accidents are common on Ugandan lakes.

"We are receiving reports that 33 people drowned," regional police commissioner Marcelino Wanithu said.

"We believe there could have been more than 50 on board, plus luggage," he told AFP news agency. "Based on investigations so far, we are saying that boat was overloaded."

The boat was carrying traders bringing goods from Hoima district, off the southern tip of Lake Albert, to Nebbi district at the lake's northern end.

Lake Albert, Africa's seventh largest lake, borders Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Last month, at least 10 people died in a boat accident on the Ugandan side of Lake Victoria.

African News Online - Breaking News

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