Saturday, August 28, 2010

Warm reception cheers Brick & Lace in Zambia

Jamaican R&B reggae music fusion duo Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne popularly known as Brick and Lace received a warm welcome amongst young people across the country.

Nyanda (Brick) admits they had received an overwhelming response.

“We have had a warm reception; the people here are very friendly,” she explained.

Nyanda noted that most musicians in the United States would never want to come to Africa because of the distance. “We have indeed travelled a long way to get here and I promise you that once we are back in Jamaica, we shall encourage our fellow artists to consider visiting this beautiful place,” she said.

The duo performed at Barclays Sports Complex last Saturday leaving many young people stunned by the charming music.

In an exclusive interview with the Education Post, gleaming Nyanda advised young and upcoming musicians to learn to cope with the difficulties that are in the music industry.

“When you are a musician there are a lot of difficulties that you face. You will find people that want to discourage and pull you down. You have to remain consistent, and once you start your music you have to ensure your funs fall in love with it,” Nyanda advised.

She urged aspiring musicians to first focus on their education before they think of going into music.

“It is important for every person to have an education; young people should first finish their education then later join the music industry,” she lamented.
“You cannot entirely rely on your music, you have to have papers. If you finish school you will have qualifications and have enough money to start music.”

The duo also took time to explain what their name ‘Brick and Lace’ signifies.

“Our mother came up with the name ‘Lace’ and we immediately liked it,” explains the incisively passionate Nyanda. “But we still felt that there was an edge missing, so I came up with ‘Brick.’ It has stuck with us ever since and has evolved with us.

Brick & Lace represents the dual diversity of the every day woman-"Brick" representing the edgy, hard and root side while "Lace" represents the soft, understanding and melodious side of the woman.”

Nyanda is said to be the "Brick" due to her style of singing and Jamaican rapping and Nailah is said to be the "Lace" due to her style of harmonious, RnB slant.

Indeed, who they are is evident in their moniker
And 18-year-old, Angelica Bwalya, a fan who was found at Barclays Sports Complex waiting for the duo to perform said she was happy about Brick and Lace coming to Zambia because of their thrilling music and great performances.

“I am very happy and exited that Brick and Lace are in Zambia and are performing; this surely shows that we capable of hosting international artistes,” said Angelica.

Supporting musicians at the concert included South African-based artist Jozi and star search runners-up Kapuka, popularly known as TR, with his Canadian partner TEF. 

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  1. Zambians let themselves down by not wanting the show to go on. I heared that a zambian guy was trying to fustrate the people that brought in brick and lace, thats not good for zambians. We zambians are discouraging others from coming as the people that brought brick and lace will go back home and tell other colleagues of theirs not to come to zambia. I am very disappointed in Zambia


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