Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lagos State Governorship election Results 2011

Below are the full compilation of Lagos State Gubernatoral Election

ACN-74331. ADC-167. ALP-150. ANPP-187. APGA-102. CPC-406. CPN-114. LABOUR-775. NCP-159. NNPP-44. NPC-82. NTP-49. PDP-15561. PRP-64. SDMP-308.

ACN-62627. ADC-399. ALP-113. ANPP-188. APGA-1035. CPC-274. CPN-100. LABOUR-157. NCP-111. NNPP-28. NPC-55. NTP-77. PDP-11809. PRP-54. SDMP-29.

ACN-156384. ADC-848. ALP-313. ANPP-477. APGA-305. CPC-651. CPN-188. LABOUR-656. NCP-263. NNPP-87. NPC-199. NTP-128. PDP-33750. PRP-159. SDMP-117.

ACN-88311. ADC-507. ALP-187. ANPP-292. APGA-105. CPC-344. CPN-111. LABOUR-836. NCP-126. NNPP-38. NPC-69. NTP-87. PDP-15373. PRP-69. SDMP-63.

ACN-95000. ADC-532. ALP-198. ANPP-280. APGA-285. CPC-321. CPN-129. LABOUR-371. NCP-466. NNPP-56. NPC-151. NTP-419. PDP-19917. PRP-83. SDMP-69.


ACN-113727. ADC-874. ALP-236. ANPP-264. APGA-122. CPC-831. CPN-160. LABOUR-2012. NCP-208. NNPP-49. NPC-109. NTP-163. PDP-18801. PRP-79. SDMP-65.

ACN-65521. ADC-369. ALP-110. ANPP-235. APGA-114. CPC-1322. CPN-134. LABOUR-102. NCP-171. NNPP-27. NPC-123. NTP-85. PDP-22134. PRP-81. SDMP-66.

ACN-106140. ADC-487. ALP-173. ANPP-635. APGA-646. CPC-283. CPN-141. LABOUR-602. NCP-193. NNPP-110. NPC-75. NTP-81. PDP-13777. PRP-70. SDMP-132.

ACN-129655. ADC-465. ALP-170. ANPP-341. APGA-163. CPC-259. CPN-154. LABOUR-953. NCP-113. NNPP-43. NPC-69. NTP-84. PDP-13881. PRP-57. SDMP-118.

Lagos Mainland
ACN-59824. ADC-339. ALP-116. ANPP-193. APGA-767. CPC-286. CPN-58. LABOUR-580. NCP-110. NNPP-33. NPC-56. NTP-143. PDP-11966. PRP-48. SDMP-73.

ACN-55108. ADC-289. ALP-203. ANPP-152. APGA-75. CPC-302. CPN-62. LABOUR-156. NCP-95. NNPP-20. NPC-39. NTP-65. PDP-16218. PRP-42. SDMP-39.

ACN-46076. ADC-146. ALP-58. ANPP-65. APGA-16. CPC-40. CPN-26. LABOUR-790. NCP-30. NNPP-9. NPC-15. NTP-17. PDP-9458. PRP-27. SDMP-49.

ACN-40166. ADC-257. ALP-127. ANPP-161. APGA-73. CPC-401. CPN-73. LABOUR-516. NCP-49. NNPP-34. NPC-76. NTP-78. PDP-9632. PRP-68. SDMP-57.

Lagos Island
ACN-57792. ADC-194. ALP-50. ANPP-132. APGA-30. CPC-75. CPN-26. LABOUR-291. NCP-49. NNPP-18. NPC-31. NTP-0. PDP-7819. PRP-33. SDMP-32.

ACN-25410. ADC-111. ALP-26. ANPP-710. APGA-14. CPC-37. CPN-11. LABOUR-67. NCP-30. NNPP-17. NPC-17. NTP-05. PDP-9187. PRP-18. SDMP-11.

ACN-52380. ADC-290. ALP-26. ANPP-123. APGA-83. CPC-365. CPN-59. LABOUR-55. NCP-101. NNPP-25. NPC-48. NTP-58. PDP-14147. PRP-61. SDMP-60

Amuwo- Odofin
ACN-61719. ADC-362. ALP-99. ANPP-127. APGA-1120. CPC-199. CPN-71. LABOUR-351. NCP-115. NNPP-28. NPC-70. NTP-375. PDP-11222. PRP-46. SDMP-45

ACN-101910. ADC-741. ALP-253. ANPP-340. APGA-360. CPC-534. CPN-140. LABOUR-75. NCP-217. NNPP-71. NPC-117. NTP-120. PDP-21529. PRP-130. SDMP-21

Nigeria News Desk - Lagos State Governorship election Results 2011

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